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by Nicky Wylie



April 26, 2016 - NEWS FROM CTHS BOARD

To all our CTHS members, we are doing our level best to support everyone in trying times and under incredible budget constraints. We would really appreciate help from our members to have our voice clearly heard amongst the racing stakeholders, of Hastings Management, HBPA, and TOBA . Please forward e -mails to us ( stating your concerns, which we can forward to the parties that aren’t always hearing us.  As a group we believe we are more involved then any other stakeholder, due to the long-term commitment of producing racehorses for our industry, currently 76% of the horse population that make Hastings viable.

We have heard plenty of understandable complaints regarding the loss, for this year, of the BC Cup day two-year-old races for BC-breds.   We did not want this to happen.

We would love to see BC Cup day restricted to BC-breds the way it was conceived originally.

Unfortunately reductions in racing days, field sizes, stakes scheduling and stake money make it very challenging for everyone concerned.

We fought to keep at least one race restricted to BC-bred horses in each age group.

In negotiations we kept that by giving up a restricted two-year-old race, knowing that our breeders still have at least the Futurities as a restricted race and where applicable the sales stakes in what is only a 4 stake race calendar for two-year-olds. Next year will be different again!

All our negotiations look at the big picture, keeping racing going at Hastings, while protecting and supporting the breeders of BC.



March 21, 2016 - NEWS FROM CTHS BOARD

Hello to all our fellow breeders in BC. 

Your board works behind the scenes trying to make sure that our industry stays strong and viable in these difficult times. 

A recent example is the mutual agreement with Washington breeders to have restricted races for BC-bred, BC-sired, Washington-bred & Washington-sired, at both our tracks. Changing times called for new strategies to keep restricted races on our cards for our breeders.

In 2016 we will spend time celebrating the achievements of our BC breeders, BC Breds & BC stallions.

For that we need your help breeders, as we are sure you have accurate and current knowledge of what your homebreds are up to!   

We would like you to tell us what your BC breds have been up to in 2016 at the tracks around North America. Pre Season so to speak. 

Once our racing season gets under way we hope to be creating weekly leader boards of stallions, breeders and trainers successes with our BC breds.

Please email the office ( with your homebreds information and someone on our board will get it out there, 

Foal photos can be sent and posted onto our facebook page.

A regular [monthly?] e mail update is planned for this year. We only have 60 of our breeders emails and permission [when you renew your CTHS membership there is a box that says Yes you can e mail me]. Of course, we also need the email address, apparently some were missing.

Please share this e mail with fellow breeders so we don't miss anyone, they can then contact the national office and be added to the list.  

Finally, Sunday, April 3 is when the Hastings Early Nominations and the CTHS Sales Sustaining Fees are due.  Forms are available on our website.   – DON’T MISS THE DEADLINE!








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