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Open Divisional Champions By Year

2-Year-old filly: Vying Ty Grr
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Huitzilopochtli
3-Year-old filly: La Rocca
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Tommy Danzigger
Older filly/mare: Holy Nova
Older colt/gelding: Teide
Sprinter: Bank Emblem

2-Year-old filly: What R The Odds
2-Year-old colt/gelding: El Sinaloense
3-Year-old filly: Blue Sky Holiday
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Krazy Koffee
Older filly/mare: Against the Sky
Older colt/gelding: Spaghetti Mouse
Sprinter: BR Remark

2-Year-old filly: Dancing Allstar
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Royal Hudson
3-Year-old filly: Alpine Garden
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Sir Gallovic
Older filly/mare: Monashee
Older colt/gelding: True Metropolitan
Sprinter: BR Remark

2-Year-old filly: Suva
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Ookashada
3-Year-old filly: Excited Miss
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Halo Steven
Older filly/mare: Monashee
Older colt/gelding: True Metropolitan
Sprinter: Quiet Cash

2-Year-old filly: Langara Lass
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Regal Request
3-Year-old filly: Monashee
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Alabama Rain
Older filly/mare: Pretty Meadow
Older colt/gelding: Quiet Cash
Sprinter: Quiet Cash

2-Year-old filly: Backseat Becka
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Notis Otis
3-Year-old filly: Regal Red
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Flamethrowintexan
Older filly/mare: Danceqithavixen
Older colt/gelding: Lord Nelson
Sprinter: Lord Nelson

2-Year-old filly: Comic Opera
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Lord Samarai
3-Year-old filly: Dancewithavixen
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Roscoe Pito
Older filly/mare: Shelby Madison
Older colt/gelding: Lord Nelson
Sprinter: Bold N' Keen

2-Year-old filly: Chorus Dancer
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Illusive Force
3-Year-old filly: Elana D'amour
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Shacane
Older filly/mare: Grey Tobe Free
Older colt/gelding: Lord Nelson
Sprinter: Danzilation

2-Year-old filly: Lasting Code
2-Year-old colt/gelding: No Time Flat
3-Year-old filly: Collect Call
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Fancy As
Older filly/mare: Make Contact
Older colt/gelding: Lord Nelson
Sprinter: Mike K

2-Year-old filly: Queen of My Nights
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Diglett
3-Year-old filly: Make Contact
3-Year-old colt/gelding: King Jeremy
Older filly/mare: Magic Code
Older colt/gelding: American Justice
Sprinter: Rampaging Alf

2-Year-old filly: Ajmaer
2-Year-old colt/gelding Astral Thunder:
3-Year-old filly: Lasting Chance
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Wandering:
Older filly/mare: Magic Code
Older colt/gelding: Mike K
Sprinter: Mike K

2-Year-old filly: Et Tois
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Mylittlevic
3-Year-old filly: Ultimate Force
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Vernon Invader
Older filly/mare: Strawberry Morn
Older colt/gelding: Artic Son
Sprinter: Knave

2-Year-old filly: Ultimate Force
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Vernon Invader
3-Year-old filly: Bali Beauty
3-Year-old colt/gelding: You’ve Got Action
Older filly/mare: Ever Lasting
Older colt/gelding: Liberty Road
Sprinter: Kid Katabatic

2-Year-old filly: Capilano
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Knave
3-Year-old filly: Strawberry Morn
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Astro Force
Older filly/mare: Sophie J
Older colt/gelding: Apieceoftheaction
Sprinter: Sophie J

2-Year-old filly: Tucumcari
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Timely Stitch
3-Year-old filly: Sophie J
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Flying Sauce
Older filly/mare: Isolater
Older colt/gelding: Funboy
Sprinter: Columbia King


2-Year-old filly: Regal Tears
2-Year-old colt/gelding: A J Jett
3-Year-old filly: Take Her To Heart
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Squire Jones
Older filly/mare: Astro Beauty
Older colt/gelding: Go For Glory
Sprinter: A J Jett

2-Year-old filly: Irish Sweets
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Nicou Nicou
3-Year-old filly: Astro Beauty
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Humpty’s Hoedown
Older filly/mare: Senate Appointee
Older colt/gelding: Stop The Blues
Sprinter: Lucky Baba

2-Year-old filly: Astro Beauty
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Shingen Dream
3-Year-old filly: Romancing Stone
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Overtime Victory
Older filly/mare: Delta Colleen
Older colt/gelding: Twanger
Sprinter: Lucky Baba

2-Year-old filly: Senate Appointee
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Temperance Two
3-Year-old filly: Realiza Dream
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Twanger
Older filly/mare: Avant’s Gold
Older colt/gelding: Bolt The Hatch
Sprinter: Sloshed

2-Year-old filly: Lady’s Excuse
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Highland Appeal
3-Year-old filly: Avant’s Gold
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Bolt The Hatch
Older filly/mare: Purl One
Older colt/gelding: Haveigotadealforyou
Sprinter: Bolt The Hatch

2-Year-old filly: Lollipop Lorie
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Golden Pursuit
3-Year-old filly: Purl One
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Fleet Reserve
Older filly/mare: Delta Colleen
Older colt/gelding: King Balmoral
Sprinter: King Balmoral

2-Year-old filly: Purl One
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Fleet Reserve
3-Year-old filly: Delta Colleen
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Harlen’s Agency
Older filly/mare: Screaming Sue
Older colt/gelding: Big Brac
Sprinter: Ozark

2-Year-old filly: Harmony Islands
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Salt Of The Sea
3-Year-old filly: Sailmaid
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Reve Du
Older filly/mare: Supernaturel
Older colt/gelding: Happy Trap
Sprinter: Happy Trap

2-Year-old filly: Bold Avon
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Reve Du
3-Year-old filly: Delightful Dance
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Fortinbras
Older filly/mare: Royal Garter
Older colt/gelding: Count Gema
Sprinter: Happy Trap

2-Year-old filly: Sassy Tan
2-Year-old colt/gelding: King Proctor
3-Year-old filly: Woman In Space
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Rumpole
Older filly/mare: Supernaturel
Older colt/gelding: Scot T N Me
Sprinter: King Alphonse

2-Year-old filly: Sassy Tan
2-Year-old colt/gelding: King Proctor
3-Year-old filly: Woman In Space
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Rumpole
Older filly/mare: Supernaturel
Older colt/gelding: Scot T N Me
Sprinter: King Alphonse

2-Year-old filly: Gramma Jones
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Rumpole
3-Year-old filly: Splendid Purchase
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Keep Whistling
Older filly/mare: Stellar Performance
Older colt/gelding: Count Gema
Sprinter: Rumpole

2-Year-old filly: Sergeant Mendaris
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Albert Rocks
3-Year-old filly: Sheila Tequila
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Count Gema
Older filly/mare: Okan Dee Select
Older colt/gelding: Travelling Victor
Sprinter: King Alphonse


2-Year-old filly: Briartic Storm
2-Year-old colt/gelding: King Alphonse
3-Year-old filly: Okan Dee Select
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Travelling Victor
Older filly/mare: Home Run Gal
Older colt/gelding: Hafa Adai
Sprinter: Nana’s Banna

2-Year-old filly: Easy Triumph
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Ladnesian
3-Year-old filly: Davette
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Rambling Native
Older filly/mare: Pachena
Older colt/gelding: Ky Alta
Sprinter: Rambling Native (first year awarded)

2-Year-old filly: Summer Sauce
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Wander Kind
3-Year-old filly: Three Leaders
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Police Inspector
Older filly/mare: Tolita
Older colt/gelding: Paladin

2-Year-old filly: Pachena/Never Wood (tie)
2-Year-old colt/gelding: No Vices/Bully For Butch (tie)
3-Year-old filly: Anarchist
3-Year-old colt/gelding: K.D.’s Knight
Older filly/mare: Palica
Older colt/gelding: Harpoon

2-Year-old filly: Bronze Duchess
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Mr. Prime Minister
3-Year-old filly: Right Chilly
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Five Star General
Older filly/mare: Title Victory
Older colt/gelding: First Purchase

2-Year-old filly: Right Chilly
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Jungle Mac
3-Year-old filly: Touchy Topic
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Smiley’s Dream
Older filly/mare: Title Victory
Older colt/gelding: Cash Your Ticket

2-Year-old filly: Brandy’s Quicker
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Tasty Victory
3-Year-old filly: Title Victory
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Willies Revenge
Older filly/mare: Silky Steel
Older colt/gelding: Detrimental

2-Year-old filly: Summer Lil
2-Year-old colt/gelding: My Man Friday
3-Year-old filly: April Wine
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Captain’s Party
Older filly/mare: Pirate Queen
Older colt/gelding: Blue Thumb

2-Year-old filly: Minstrel Duchess
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Sunny Valley
3-Year-old filly: Classic Myth
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Battling Craig
Older filly/mare: Sutter’s Dream
Older colt/gelding: Ceio Me

2-Year-old filly: Sarah Shot
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Spirit Man
3-Year-old filly: Leisure Road
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Harkerson
Older filly/mare: Ladyschmidt
Older colt/gelding: Love Your Host

2-Year-old filly: That’s A Promise
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Chuckle Win
3-Year-old filly: Aviemore
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Decidely D
Older filly/mare: Shesawwillie
Older colt/gelding: Coral Isle

2-Year-old filly: Timber Music
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Minstrel Boy
3-Year-old filly: My Diamond
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Shadow’s Dividend
Older filly/mare: Glenlivet Zoie
Older colt/gelding: Grand Bolero

2-Year-old filly: Sally O Salt
2-Year-old colt/gelding: Cammand Module
3-Year-old filly: Nancy Hawk
3-Year-old colt/gelding: Swinging Apache
Older filly/mare: May Petite Juliet
Older colt/gelding: Silver Double

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