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Breeders are encouraged to notify us if you have news regarding your BC-breds or stallions that can promote the industry.


In recognition of many contributions to Thoroughbred Racing in British Columbia, the Thoroughbred Ladies Club offers higher education rewards to the members and to the sons, daughters, grandchildren and legal wards of members, who derive (eligible personnel) or have derived their principle incomes as backstretch personnel of Thoroughbred Racing in British Columbia.


President: Marion Ryan

Secretary: Stella Baker

Treasurer: Barb Williams

Education Scholarship: Linda Sentes, Barb Williams

Membership: Barbara Ganger

Silent Stud Auction: Barb Williams, Linda Sentes

Social Convenor: Linda Sentes

Sunshine, Health & Welfare: Marion Ryan, Anna Byrne, Marilyn Combs


For information contact: 604 882-3822 or 604 542-8951

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